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    Summer Activities for Kids in Manila

    2019 Summer Activities for Kids

    Summer is here! It’s that time of the year when school’s out and you have the kids all to yourself. They might have their own plans during their vacation like playing with their toys, watching their favorite shows and read their summer material but these things can turn out to be boring after a while. Summer is the perfect opportunity to hone their skills, try something new and exciting and discover potential — all the while having fun! Continue reading…

    Looking for a hotel in Subic? Book your stay with Acea Subic Bay, a beach front hotel in Subic.

    Dive Into Serenity in Acea Subic Bay

    Towards the end of 2018, I was down in the dumps physically and emotionally. The holidays can be a stressful time especially if you’re planning it for a large group. If there’s one thing I learned from last Christmas, it’s that I’m not great with DIY vacations for big groups and it’s better to leave the vacation planning to experts. I mean, I’m okay planning for our family of five, but not for a group of 20 or so. It drained me dry and it affected me big time. I had to give myself time to recharge throughout the start of the year and aside from self-care, I decided it would be great to have a chill vacation. Surprisingly, as I was planning our first trip of the year, our family was offered to stay in a beachfront hotel in Subic. Continue reading…

    How to withdraw from PayPal to GCash |

    How to Withdraw from PayPal to GCash

    Hello everyone! Today, I want to share with you another reason why I love the GCash app. If you’re a freelancer or you own an online business, then you probably use PayPal as one of the ways you receive payments from your clients. For the longest time, I’ve been withdrawing money from PayPal to my bank account. I don’t have a problem with that except that it sometimes takes a while to get the money in my account. For most banks, it takes 3-5 days to get your PayPal money in your account. The fastest I’ve tried so far is 1 day. But, what if you can get your money instantly? Continue reading…

    How to pay BIR using GCash - a step by step guide. |

    Skip the long lines – pay your taxes through GCash!

    I have been in business for five years and in all those years, I would line up for at least half a day at the bank to pay my taxes. It’s the worst part of being in business, to be honest. I mean, I love working on my business, but I hate that I have to spend so much time just to pay my taxes. It’s precious time wasted, to be honest. And, not to mention, unnecessary stress to moms like me who usually bring my kids with me on errands. Continue reading…

    How the abundance mindset works

    It’s ok to brag, mama.

    “Having the abundance mindset is believing that you are created as more than enough, you have more than enough, and more than enough is coming to the future.” (Scott Epp)

    Have you ever logged into your Facebook or Instagram account, see a friend’s post about their latest vacation or the newest gadget they bought, and thought to yourself, “WHAT A BRAGGER.”

    Admit it. You’re guilty.

    I know because, at some point, I was that person scrolling through my feed labeling other people as braggers in an effort to mask my envy. I would see people doing things I want to do, going to places I want to visit, buying things I can only dream of. And the only I thing I can do is complain about them bragging about those things.

    Was I the better person? No.

    I’m coming out with this post because I find it alarming that many people in my social circle are operating from envy. Some of them have attacked me, subtly most of the time. (You’re forgiven.)

    I’m here to tell you that if you let your envy take over, it won’t do you any good.

    The better thing to do is to be more mindful of your thoughts and take control of the negativity that tries to get through. Why is it important to do this? Because envy activates the scarcity mindset.

    In simple terms, the Scarcity Mindset is having the belief that there is not enough of anything – money, happiness, or whatever. As a result, it makes you operate from lack. When you operate from lack (not believing that there is plenty of everything for everyone), you cling to everything as if there is a shortage or you attack others who you “feel” have more or you hide behind the statement, “I’m contented with what I have now” (even if it’s not true).

    The danger with contentment is that we unknowingly use it as an excuse not to do more and be more. I don’t say I’m contented with what I have, I say I’m grateful for what I have… because I know there is more I can do, and more I can have to ultimately pay it forward to others.

    For instance, after seeing the success of my business, I started a group providing support for other moms who also want to earn online. Because I never stopped at just enough for my business, I am now able to share the abundance I experienced by guiding other moms through the twists and turns of online freelancing.

    [click_to_tweet tweet=”If you want abundance in your life, you have to believe that there is more out there and whatever is out there is enough for everyone.” quote=”If you want abundance in your life, you have to believe that there is more out there and whatever is out there is enough for everyone.”]

    No, it’s not greed to do more and be more. This wanting more only becomes greed when you keep it to yourself with the intention to have more than everyone else and not do anything while everyone suffers. However, if you freely share the abundance with anyone who is willing to open up their hearts and minds to it and who is willing to do the work to be where you are, then there’s nothing greedy about that, yes?

    It’s the same as what I learned from Bo Sanchez about money. We grew up with the belief that money is evil. It’s all over the teleseryes we see. It’s implied in the news. It’s apparent in how we use the rich in our statements (i.e. “Mayaman yan kaya kahit anong gawin kayang lumusot!”) The result of this money mindset? We fear wealth. We avoid it like the plague and bury our longing to be abundant by convincing ourselves that we’re okay with the simple life.

    Then, we see someone on social media post about a recent vacation they took. We see someone on social media post about a new item they bought. And how do we react? “Ang yabang!”

    If you want the simple life, then these posts shouldn’t matter. The other person’s motive (whether it’s to brag or whatever) wouldn’t even matter. If you want the simple life, then you want it for what it is. You shouldn’t want it because you don’t want others to think you’re a brag, too. You shouldn’t want it because you want to be “better” than everyone else for being “such a saint” for choosing simplicity.

    When my husband asked me why I started implementing minimalism, I told him straight that it’s because it makes my heart, mind, and soul feel good – and that somehow, it’s also good for the environment. My choice had nothing to do with others and what they think.

    You see, money isn’t evil. Wealth is for everyone and it is okay to be wealthy. As long as we use that wealth to lift ourselves so we can lift others up, then there’s nothing wrong with it.

    The next time you catch yourself reacting to what seems to you is a brag post, hold that thought and reflect on it. Why are you reacting that way? Is that envy you’re trying to mask? If so, try your best to turn that emotion around.

    Instead of saying, “Ang yabang ng taong ‘to!” how about try acknowledging and applauding their success? Be genuinely happy for them and believe that their success does not lessen yours, but adds to it. Heck, even ask them how they did it!

    This will do wonders for you because:

    1. You will block feelings of jealousy in the material sense.
    2. You will block feelings of inadequacy.
    3. You will block the urge to compete.
    4. You will open up your life to abundance.

    Also, you may not know it, but being supportive of other people’s successes will also do wonders for them. You see, you’ll never know how your negativity can crush another person’s heart (and dreams). I know it does because it happened to me last year. I felt like I was unworthy of my success and the financial gain that resulted from it because the people I expected would be happy for me were not. These were family and people I considered dear friends. I lost my drive. I lost my want to help others.

    I eventually recovered from it after rewiring my mindset, but I hope people won’t do it intentionally anymore. I know it’s enough to be happy for yourself when you achieve something… but wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a tribe cheering you on? Think about that.

    Are you ready to activate your Abundance Mindset? Remember, abundance is for everyone. However, unless you consciously choose to be abundant, it won’t happen. Start today. Change today.