Last Saturday, Daddy A and I finally had the chance to watch Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco. We weren’t able to watch Varekai due to me being so tight about our budget, which is why when Daddy A had the chance, he bought the tickets right away – giving me no time to protest.

It’s a good thing that he bought the tickets. They are expensive (I would have protested if I knew beforehand), but I have to say… well worth the money! I really enjoyed the mix of comedic acts, song performances and of course, death defying stunts. I actually felt tummy pains a couple of times just because I got so tensed every time the performers did their stunts.

After the two-hour show, we headed to Cafe Mediterranean where I was hoping to eat really good kebab. Unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied. Lol. Preggy kaartehan taking over! Now that we’re on that subject: what restaurant serves really good kebab?

Anyway. Despite the food, we enjoyed dinner together. We haven’t gone on a real date for quite some time now (because I always insist to bring The Princess with us), so I’m glad we were able to have this much needed “us time.”

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