This morning, my kid just said… so many things! It’s shocking, really. I didn’t realize she knows the names of so many animals already. I found out when I turned on her Dora The Explorer special DVD set. Animals started showing up on the screen, but only music (no words) was playing. One by one, she identified the animals that showed up.

The Princess: “Mommy! Wook (Look)! Bunny! Butterflies! Squirrel! Horse! Owl! Monkey!”

Amused. I decided to test her by asking her what each of her stuffed animals are.

Me (holding a dog): What is this?
The Princess: Dog!
Me (holding a bear): How about this one?
The Princess: Bear!
Me (holding a bunny): And this one?
The Princess: *pauses*
Me: It’s a bunny, baby.
The Princess: No mommy. Hare.


My goodness! A hare wasn’t even on my list while I was waiting for her answer. It was either a bunny or a rabbit to me!

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  1. Kids nowadays are so advance! My two year old Cyler know a lot of words too!Pag nagugulat siya he would say “Oopsie!” or “Oh my!”. Ang light blue “CYAN” ang tawag nya, ang violet “Purple”. Megad! Daig pa taung mga parents talaga.

    1. Natawa ako sa Cyan! Hahaha :)) K prefers purple over violet, too. My mom told me that I shouldn’t make the colors too complicated for the little girl–but what can I do. Yun ang gusto niya eh. She has her gulat expressions as well. Her favorite would be, “Oh gosh!” …in British accent. Haha!

      1. Yes, nakakalola diba?! They have that british accent too! Baka sa cartoons nila nakukuha.

  2. Cute Kelly! But she said bunny on her first statement. Perhaps for her there’s a difference between bunny and hare. Ano nga kaya yun ano? :)

    1. Yun nga, hindi ko rin alam ano difference. Haha! A few weeks ago, she also corrected me while I was browsing through Instagram. I saw Martine’s kid’s bunny drawing. When I said, “Look! It’s a bunny!” Ang sagot sa akin ay “No mommy, hare” ulit. :))

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