The Princess has been keeping us awake for weeks already. Two nights ago, it took its toll on us. For some reason, she just kept crying even though she has been fed, burped and her nappy was already changed. We reached the point when, as embarrassing as it may sound, voices have been raised. Then, the next morning, I read this article by another mommy blogger. I couldn’t help but feel guilty. There’s our baby asking for a cuddle; but instead of giving her one, we raised our voices just because we wanted to sleep.

So, last night, we gave her what she wanted… a long, warm hug from Mommy and Daddy. This is the result…

All along, all she needed was a hug. What did we get in return? A dozen smiles and giggles all night long! Precious.

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Kimberley Reyes is a fire wife and mom. She provides virtual support for women entrepreneurs and bloggers and writes about finding the right balance between homemaking and working in freedom.

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  1. Such a sweet photo!

  2. Having a baby is hard work, yet the most rewarding thing. It seems, I’m not yet a mother. Hugs can make wonders. :)

  3. Thank you. :)

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