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Joyful Finds at S&R

You’ll #LoveSNR For Their Holi-deals This Year!

Joyful Finds at S&R

Going on a last minute shopping spree this year? I’m in the same boat as you! LOL. One good thing about being part of a membership shopping club like S&R is that you get to do last minute shopping without having to deal with a big crowd. Believe me, I tried shopping in a nearby mall and ended up leaving without anything. There was just too many people in there, it’s hard to look for gifts!

But, I really #LoveSNR not just for convenience, but for their members-only deals. This year, they’ve got an awesome spread of holiday goodies for members.

Need a gift for your co-workers and friends? How about send them a Christmas-themed basket filled with holiday food items? I love receiving these food baskets during the holidays because that means I don’t need to shop for Noche Buena anymore. LOL!

S&R Holiday Baskets

S&R also has toys for the little ones too! When Christmas songs began playing and Christmas lights were being put up, The Princess wrote a letter to Santa asking for two particular items: a My Baby Alive Doll and a pink racing car. My eyes opened wide when I saw S&R’s holiday deals because they have cars there!

S&R Battery-operated Cars

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a pink racing car. Huhu! I did find something that my Little Man will definitely love to have under the Christmas tree:

S&R Tonka Motorized Vehicle

Rather, this is something my husband will love under the tree! (He’s starting to build a collection of fire trucks. Maybe I can add this there?)

There are a lot of other stuff you can buy for the holidays that will make you #LoveSNR. Make sure you follow their Facebook page so you’re always updated about their club-priced deals–because they have A LOT! If you’re not yet a member, apply for membership here. I promise you won’t regret it!

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