Lifefactory Baby Bottles

Lifefactory: Baby Bottles That Grow With Your Family

Lifefactory Baby Bottles

One of the biggest investments we make when we finally decide to have a child are on baby bottles. When we had The Princess, I remember taking over an hour going around the department store looking for the right bottle for her. There are plastic bottles, glass bottles, and there are different nipple sizes that correspond to the child’s age. We also had to make sure we bought BPA-free bottles. When she became a toddler, we started investing on sippy cups. Now that she’s in preschool, we had to buy new containers and bottles for her school snacks and drink.

In each transition, we had to buy a new set of items…which can be pretty expensive. Sure, we can just buy the cheaper ones, but then we also want the items we buy to be durable and safe. And so we endured the expenses.

Thankfully, with The Little Man, we discovered baby bottles that grow with the child. What exactly do I mean? LifeFactory Baby Bottles can easily be re-purposed as your child grows. All you need is one bottle, then just change the nipples and caps to suit your child’s life stage!

We started with a 9 oz glass bottle with a nipple. The nipple is interchangeable with a sippy cap and flat cap. With the two latter caps, the bottle can be used to store breast milk, as a juice container for bigger kids, or a cookie jar. As you can see in the top photo, much older children and parents can even re-purpose the glass bottles and turn them into pencil holders! I wouldn’t mind doing that because Lifefactory bottles look really cute with their colorful variety of silicone covers that not just make the bottles look hip, but also help protect bottles from breakage and give the child a better grip.

A modern & eco-friendly line of reusable glass baby bottles, glass beverage bottles & accessories. LifeFactory products are safe, simple, and smart.

The minis absolutely love their new bottles! Arjay and I are actually getting jealous already so we’re thinking of buying Flip Cap Bottles for us. 🙂

Some interesting facts:

  • LifeFactory bottles are made of glass and are BPA/BPS-free. They easily clean in dishwashers, too, so that’s less work for you!
  • The nipples and caps are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.
  • The silicone covers are made from BPA/BPS-free, medical-grade silicone. These provide a non-slip gripping surface and can help prevent breakage.

To know more about LifeFactory products, visit their website at www.lifefactory.com. Do like the LifeFactory Philippines Facebook page too for updates.

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14 thoughts on “Lifefactory: Baby Bottles That Grow With Your Family”

  1. I remember how much tambak we had when Little MrC was a baby. We had bottles, nipples, sippy cups, cups with handles… And all plastic. I really wanted glass but we were worried na baka mabasag. These ones are nice. And they have those silicone protectors pa. Ok, mental note for next baby, whenever that will be.

    1. We had the same problem with K–so many plastic bottles/cups for each of her stages! Ang problem lang, we couldn’t reuse most of them for C since yung iba cloudy na so palit ulit kami. It’s a good thing we found these. 🙂

  2. Very creative yung bottles after no? Some of those bottles kasi, wala ng use after. Unfortunately ngayon ko lang nakita to. Hahah! Anyway, it’s not too late pa naman. My baby is still bottle feeding so in time, baka maisingit ko to sa budget. hehe. =)

    1. Yeah, I wish I discovered these when we had our first child. We wouldn’t have changed sets so many times! But I’m glad I get to use these bottles with our second. Pwede pang bata, pwede pang matanda!

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