Feeling Happy On A Gloomy Day

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I’ve been feeling like crap recently. This little voice within me keeps telling me that maybe I’m not doing it right: I’m not raising well-behaved kids who listen to Mommy and Daddy all the time. I’m not making my husband happy enough. I look awful and I’ve only been a mom for a little over two years!

Today is different. I’m feeling happy despite the non-stop rain and the fact that Daddy A is out there conducting rescue operations. It’s all because of a quote by Jill Churchill and the super yummy brunch that Daddy A treated me to today.

“There is no way to be a perfect mother… and a million ways to be a good one.”

Why was I being so hard on myself about being imperfect? Who is perfect, anyway? Days will not always go well for parents. Kids will be kids–they will throw tantrums, they will cling, they will basically drive you crazy. And that’s okay. It happens to everyone. And my goodness, I should stop criticizing myself about not looking good. I should be the first person to tell myself that I am beautiful–with or without regular visits to the salon.

siblingsfeeling happy

I don’t need to be the perfect mother; I just need to be a good one.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Happy On A Gloomy Day”

  1. Exactly! You are biyooooteeeFULL inside and out so don’t worry on having a bad hair day. Iniisip ko na lang time will come that we will flaunt our sexiness out of our crazy years. Looking forward to it!

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