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Christmas Shopping

After a lot of nagging from my Mom, Daddy A and I finally made time to look for a Christmas dress for The Princess. We’ve been avoiding malls for weeks now because we don’t want to get caught in the Christmas rush. I hate crowded places. However, as much as I’d like to stay away from the Christmas crowd, I was forced to go out of the house, drive through the congested roads of the Metro, and shop with hundreds – if not thousands – of people. It’s our little girl’s first Christmas and my Mom insists that it should be made extra special for her. And, to make it extra special, she needs a beautiful Christmas dress. It’s my baby girl we’re talking about so I couldn’t say no.

Looking for the perfect dress gave me a headache, but it was worth it. After walking around for hours, we finally found the cutest dress ever. The Princess was all smiles when we let her try the red and white dress. She even posed for a few shots for me and giggled when I showed her the photos.

Christmas shopping almost done! We have yet to buy gifts for Kelly and our other godchildren. Stressful! …but fun. Are you done with yours?

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