Arranging Some Alone Time With Your Partner

Ways to spend more quality time with your partner

When you have children, you dedicate your life to them. You put their wants and needs first and end up spending the majority of your time running around after them. But you should also bear in mind that spending time alone with your partner is extremely important for the state of your relationship. You read … Read moreArranging Some Alone Time With Your Partner

Cheers to Ten Years and More

Parisian Wedding

Last September 30th, my husband and I celebrated ten years of being a couple. We don’t usually celebrate our boyfriend-girlfriend anniversary extravagantly since getting married… but we’re talking about TEN years! This is huge for us since we’ve been through one heck of a rollercoaster ride in the last ten years and we thought we … Read moreCheers to Ten Years and More

How We’re Going to Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Fire Family

Valentine's Day

It’s the month of hearts yet again and I’m sure many of you are already thinking about how you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with your special someone. Being a firefighter’s wife, I don’t expect much from my husband when it comes to holidays and special occasions like Valentine’s Day. In fact, I don’t expect anything … Read moreHow We’re Going to Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Fire Family

The Perks of Being a Fire Wife

It’s Daddy A’s birthday weekend so I thought I’d stop complaining about how he spends more time on his work and highlight the good things that come with his work. Hehe! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARJAY! After four years of being married to Arjay, you’d expect that I already got used to life as a fire officer’s wife. Well, I haven’t. … Read moreThe Perks of Being a Fire Wife

Sweet Surprises, Yummy Food, and Funny Stories: Our Valentine’s Day 2015 Celebration

Valentine's Day

How did you spend Valentine’s Day 2015? We usually eat out on Valentine’s day, but I didn’t expect a celebration this year because Arjay had work scheduled on V-day itself. He actually asked me to go to work with him, but since ‘work’ meant walking under the sun at noon, I decided to just stay home with the minis.