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    Antiox is available in chocolate flavor.

    Let’s Talk About Deworming!

    Do you remember all the times you’ve come home from school or play as a child covered in sweat, some grime and soil? I remember getting an earful from my parents and getting reminded of how I should always wash my hands and keep myself clean after doing anything outside. During those times, I was always told, “Sige ka, you’ll get worms in your body if you put dirty fingers in your mouth!”

    Gardening is a fun opportunity for kids to learn about growing their own food.

    Growing up and learning of just how important good hygiene is in keeping me healthy, I make my fair share of reminders when it comes to my kids. Being a mom of three active kids, dealing with the flu or catching a cold or some other illness can be distressing enough, but acquiring a parasitic worm is another story.

    Can you imagine having a monster like a pinworm or tapeworm in your body? The symptoms are horrible and can even be deadly! Luckily, my family has not been infected by any type of worm despite being out and about yet; but it has come to my attention that although having proper hygiene is a good preventive measure against infections, worms can be acquired from our environment, the food we eat and they can be passed on very easily. They can be contracted by getting a lick by your pet; eating poorly washed vegetables and infected meat; swimming in a pool with untreated water, and walking barefoot around the house. They are everywhere!

    The other myth surrounding worms is that only children are susceptible to getting these nasty worms in their bodies. Correction – even we as adults can also get these worms. Yikes! The symptoms they bring range from fevers, diarrhoea, allergic reactions and more, and can really take a toll on an entire family’s health when not prevented and treated quickly.

    Deworming With Antiox

    Thankfully, deworming oral medication like Mebendazole (Antiox®) is available over the counter in leading drugstores. I first learned about Mebendazole (Antiox®) from our pedia, who constantly reminds us to deworm.

    Use Antiox for deworming!

    We’ve been using it since!

    Antiox is available in chocolate flavor.


    If you have a child who refuses to take medication because ‘they taste awful’ (like our Caleb), you’ll be happy to know that Mebendazole (Antiox®) comes in chewable tablets and suspensions that are suitable for all ages. You can choose between two flavors: chocolate or banana. My kids really like the chocolate-flavored ones!

    Antiox is available in chewable tablets.

    Not only does deworming prevent and treat the symptoms and physical ailments brought about by these parasites but they also promote better health, well-being and better performance in school and work. Depending on the severity of the infection, people in the community perform poorly and even frequently call in absent from their work or schools because their bodies are simply not in the best condition to do anything else.

    There are several types of worms that we could contract from anywhere and Mebendazole (Antiox®) targets all of them – specifically pinworms, whipworms, large roundworms, hookworms, thread worms and tape worms.

    So parents, please pass the message! Make your family worm-free and share this knowledge to your own communities. Get your friends and relatives, neighbors and town officials talking about worm awareness and affordable treatment. If we can get more and more people to consider and take on deworming, then we will have been able to create a safer environment for our kids.

    Let’s spread this knowledge so we can better prevent the spreading of these worms in our homes and our communities. With Mebendazole (Antiox®) a worm-free family means a worm-free community.

    Healthy kids are happy kids! Make sure you keep gut health in check by regularly deworming. Talk to your pediatrician about it!
    moving to a new place

    How to Request Termination of Service from PLDT

    This post was originally written back in August 2015. I have updated the content in May 2019 when we submitted another termination of service from PLDT since there were changes to the process.

    When we moved out of our apartment back in 2015, we went through the request of termination of service from PLDT since we no longer needed the line we had in the apartment. Back then, the whole process was purely online.

    When we moved out of our condominium, we discovered that the request for PLDT line termination changed. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case now.

    Steps to Terminate Your PLDT Line

    Before requesting for PLDT line termination, make sure that all your bills are settled. They will not process your request if there are outstanding payments in your account.

    It is also important to note that for the PLDT Disconnection Request to push through, you need to have finished your two-year contract and you did not apply for any recent upgrades (i.e. Telpad add-on, FamCam, etc).

    If you are unsure about when your two-year contract ended and if you had any recent upgrades, call 171. The customer service representative will be able to help you find that information.

    Once you have settled all your outstanding balances, head over to the nearest PLDT branch and submit a letter of request to terminate your account.

    You can find a fillable and downloadable letter of request here.

    Aside from your letter of request, make sure you have two government-issued IDs with you as the customer service representative will need those to verify if you are indeed the account holder.

    Aside from your request for termination of service from PLDT, bring with you your telephone unit and modem. You need to surrender both for the request to move forward.

    Once you surrender these items, they will provide an acknowledgment receipt that these items have been returned to PLDT. Make sure you keep that receipt – just in case!

    As I was speaking with PLDT’s customer representative, she urged me to just transfer my existing line to our new place. If you’re looking into transferring your line instead of disconnecting, I have an article about that below.

    READ: PLDT Transfer Address Step by Step

    But since I already have an existing PLDT line in the house we moved into, I pushed through with the disconnection.

    Please note that this website and its owner are not connected to PLDT. If you have any concerns, it is best to request support through the correct channels.

    Click here to see the list of ways to contact PLDT Customer Service.

    Handling Stress With Grace for Work At Home Moms

    Handling Stress With Grace for Work At Home Moms

    Freelancing is amazing because you get to choose the projects you will work on and have more control of your time. But, although I love every bit of my journey as a freelancer, to be totally honest, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

    Even the most seasoned freelancers will agree that it can be a stressful business to be in. Sometimes, you bite more than you can chew. Sometimes, you encounter extra challenging projects. Factor in having clingy and/or naughty little ones while you work and things turn for the worst. Well, that’s if you can’t handle stress and pressure with grace.

    Handling Stress With Grace When You're A Work At Home Parent

    I have had a lot of bad days in my years as a freelancer. It was easy peasy when I didn’t have kids, but when I had one, then two, THEN three, it became quite a challenge.

    I used to snap at my children whenever they act up or make noise while I’m in the middle of working on a project. What I noticed throughout the years, however, is that what makes a situation worse is how I respond. If I shout or complain, I don’t really achieve anything. I’m just making the situation worse than it already is.

    I love what my mindset coach taught us about triggers:

    • These ‘storms’ are not happening to us, they are just happening around us.
    • Event + Response = Outcome

    What exactly does that mean, you ask?

    Observe how you are responding to events and what the outcome is when you responded that way. Did you get a good outcome or a not so good one?

    If the outcome is good, then by all means continue to respond that way when such events happen.

    However, if the outcome is not good, then you need to change your response because the last one didn’t work.

    How, then, can you better manage working from home stress?

    First of all, be grateful. You won’t believe how gratitude can change your life. I have been writing down what I am grateful for every day since the year started and it made a huge difference on how I see life.

    I complained less. I became more in control of my responses. I became happier. I still have bad days, but it has become easier to get through those days simply because I have so many things I am thankful about.

    Make time for yourself. It’s challenging when you have kids, I know. But it doesn’t have to be an all-out spa day. Making time for yourself can simply mean spending five minutes in silence in the morning, before the kids wake up. Or, writing on your journal at night after the kids have gone to bed.

    I personally like starting my day with a 5-minute guided meditation. I do this before the kids wake up or, if they’re awake, while they’re eating breakfast or playing independently. You don’t need a special room to meditate. All you need is your focus.

    When in a stressful situation, take a step back and breathe. When you find yourself under pressure or in stress, give yourself time to breathe and think things through. The calmer you are, the better your response will be.

    When I’m working on a big project and my kids start asking for my attention at the same time, I learned to take a break from work and give my kids the attention – even for just 10-15 minutes. I learned that if you fill up your kids’ love tanks first, then they won’t be too clingy or needy.

    Are you a work at home parent too? How do you handle stress and pressure? Comment below to help out other parents!

    Work At Home Stress Management for Parents
    Eugenio Lopez Center Hotel in Antipolo

    Best Summer Destinations Near Manila

    I’m sure you’re already feeling the intense summer heat. While I love that we get to experience long days of sunshine, I have to say that the heat can get very exhausting if you don’t find a way to cool down. That’s why I decided to create a list of the best summer destinations near Manila that we’ve tried and loved. I will keep building on this list as we go on more adventures with our kids!

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