30 Minutes to Fitness for Pregnant Women

I am already a little over 30 weeks pregnant and I can see (and feel) that I have definitely gained weight. In my last check up, I learned that I am three pounds over the normal range – which was a shocker because I have been within the normal weight range throughout my pregnancy. Then … Read more30 Minutes to Fitness for Pregnant Women

Travel During Pregnancy

Travel During Pregnancy | Airline requirements for pregnant passengers. | www.momonduty.com

One of the most search articles on Mom On Duty are travel requirements for pregnant women. Since my husband and I love to travel, my two pregnancies did not stop us from going places–unless that time when I was required to go on bed rest when I was pregnant with our second. However, travel during … Read moreTravel During Pregnancy

I’m a mom-to-be!

“You’re not an accident, you’re not a mistake… you’re the best of surprises two people can make!” I’m on my 23rd week now and I still can’t believe there’s a little bun baking in my oven. A few more weeks to go and we’ll be welcoming our little angel to the world! Who would’ve thought … Read moreI’m a mom-to-be!