Our toddler just loves coloring (or painting or doodling — basically, anything artsy). The problem is, she likes doing her art on our walls, on her body, on MY body.

Instead of going crazy mad about all the vandalism art works she’s doing around the house and on herself, we decided to just divert her creative energy elsewhere. Aside from giving her huge drawing pads (and sometimes used illustration boards), we also introduced her to face painting.

Face Painting

Isn’t she the cutest kitten ever?!

What is awesome about face painting is that it’s not only fun for kids, it’s fun for parents too! Moreover, kids and parents can enjoy pretend play after — a really nice bonding activity for the family! :)

Check this out: Edible Sensory Paint recipe from Learn Play Imagine.

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  1. Cool, this is a great idea for kids. This will be fun for our next playdate, but I think I should really have a good cleanup plan first because playdates for us involve a rowdy group of 5-7 year old boys hehe! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Patty

    1. Oh! Good luck with the playdates. Haha! If you check the link to the edible paint recipe, she mentioned that the paint is very easy to clean/remove. You might want to use that instead. :D

  2. So cute Kelly! Naku OC mashado si Lucas but I am liking the idea of face painting. If he could only stand still :I

    1. Thank you! Naku, you have no idea how long it took us to make that very simple design. Haha!

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