It’s an exciting month for the whole family. Not only are we counting the days until Christmas, but we are also doing a countdown ’til the little man’s birth.

We’ve been trying our best to prepare The Princess for the coming of her little brother. We take her to my prenatal check ups and let her rub/hug/kiss my belly, we read her stories about siblings, we watch movies and cartoons about big sisters and little brothers, we take her on play dates with other kids and we draw with her — just to help her understand the concept of being a big sister.

Mom On Duty

Mom On Duty
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Daddy A and I also agreed to buy her a special Christmas gift and told her that it’s from Daddy, Mommy and her little brother.

I read one post of a Mom in Baby Center that giving a gift to a toddler and saying that it’s from her little brother is a nice way to get her excited about the baby. We also told her that we bought it because she’s been very good at taking care of Mommy and the baby.

Do you have kids that are just months or a few years apart? How did you prepare your eldest for the new addition?

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