Cloud 9 Antipolo

Cloud 9 Antipolo is a family-friendly resort hotel atop the mountains of Antipolo.

CHECK OUT ALL OUR STAYCATIONS HERE   Having an infant around sure is hard work. Although Charlie sleeps longer now, I still have to wake up every few hours to nurse him and cuddle him to sleep. During the day, I have to take care of our two bigger kids and work at the same … Read more Cloud 9 Antipolo

Why You Need To Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp at Home

The benefits of using a Himalayan Salt Lamp

I have been having difficulty sleeping lately. As in I only get about an hour or two of sleep at night and a short nap during the day. It’s probably because I got used to our baby’s sleep pattern when he was a newborn. He sleeps longer hours now… but I still can’t. It has … Read more Why You Need To Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp at Home

Crosswinds Resort Suites

Crosswinds Resort Suite provides a quiet alpine escape for its guests. |

We’re almost back to regular programming now that we’re getting a hang of having a newborn – and that means we’re also back to going on family trips. We’re taking it slowly though since we have little Charlie so we started with a chill staycation not too far from home. Tagaytay City is a favorite … Read more Crosswinds Resort Suites