Valentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas

Valentines Day 2016 is coming up. Do you have a gift for your special someone already?

Valentines Day 2016 is just four days away. Do you have a gift for the special people in your life? I asked around for people’s Valentines Day wish list and got some pretty nice ideas for an awesome surprise. If you haven’t prepared your big surprise for your loves, here are some ideas that can … Read moreValentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas

Level Up Your Game This Valentines Day with Red Ribbon

Make Valentines Day extra special with Red Ribbon!

The sweetest surprises come in the most unexpected circumstances. Do you agree? I do! Arjay is the worst at surprising me because he honestly cannot ninja his way around my intuition (haha). But, when he is successful, his surprises are the sweetest. Doug Kramer—a player in the Philippine Basketball Association who is known as GlobalPort Batang … Read moreLevel Up Your Game This Valentines Day with Red Ribbon

Raising #LakingAmazing Kids with NIDO 3+

Guest speaker, Dr. Agnes Calleja, M.D. shared the importance of understanding age-specific nutrition in helping mothers make the right food choices for their kids.

Among the many hats I wear, I can say that being a mom is the most challenging role I play. Mothering can be overwhelming, especially if you have children in their early childhood years (like mine–aged 4 and 3 years old). While it’s important for me to keep my minis protected, I also want to … Read moreRaising #LakingAmazing Kids with NIDO 3+

Baby Steps to Becoming Debt-free

How can the Debt Snowball Method help you become financially free this year? Find out.

The good thing about marrying young (I am not encouraging children to marry young ha! I am just saying that there is an advantage if you look at it from a different perspective) is you are forced to become extra responsible. And you learn to be resilient because everyone’s out to prove that you are … Read moreBaby Steps to Becoming Debt-free