My Kid Just Said #14 (For times you feel you’re not doing great at parenting)

What does your child really think about you? |

Although my husband tries his best to share parenting responsibilities with me, the type of work he is in gave me no choice but to take the lead parent role. Although I truly enjoy every moment I spend with the minis, there are still some days when I feel like I’m an epic fail at parenting. … Read moreMy Kid Just Said #14 (For times you feel you’re not doing great at parenting)

#LoveSNR February Deals

S&R's February Deals feature a wide variety of sweet and romantic Valentine's Day treats at amazingly affordable prices!

The love month isn’t over here at the Mom On Duty home and that’s all thanks to our S&R shopping loot. Although Daddy A and I may seem relaxed, we actually have crazy busy schedules. Despite our hectic days, though, we still make it a point to spend some time with each other. One of our favorite … Read more#LoveSNR February Deals

Starfall: Learn to Read Website (for beginners)

Starfall is a website with free resources on teaching preschoolers how to read.

When the Princess entered her Senior Nursery year, I had one big fear in mind: how in the world will I teach my daughter how to read. I’ve heard from parents of older kids in her school that the Senior Nursery year is when the girls will be taught how to read. My daughter’s school has always … Read moreStarfall: Learn to Read Website (for beginners)

2016 Summer Programs for Kids

2016 Summer Program for Kids |

Summer is nearing and parents are looking for summer programs for kids that will keep the little ones busy throughout their vacation. Whether you want your child to spend summer getting ahead in academics or learning a new sport, this list probably has something that will interest you and your child! Academics Power Mac Center … Read more2016 Summer Programs for Kids

Nuby is now in the Philippines

The Nuby Flip It No-spill Cup is the perfect bottle for little ones on the go.

Being a mom that is always on the go and with two minis tagging along, I am always on the look out for products that can make life a little less stressful every time I run errands with the minis. I have tried and tested numerous products already–baby bags, strollers, carriers, sippy cups and bowls among … Read moreNuby is now in the Philippines