My Kid Just Said #10

I haven’t been spending a lot of time at home lately with lots of events and work-related out-of-the-house errands going on. The whole week has been very busy, so when I checked my calendar and realized that I’m free today, I scheduled girls-only time for The Princess in the afternoon and a quick eat-out with … Read more My Kid Just Said #10

Take A Step To A Healthier Life!

PRESS RELEASE I have avoided exercising most of my life because I hate the feeling of being sweaty. It really makes me super uncomfortable.┬áThis is why of all types of exercises, swimming is my most favorite. The problem with swimming is, it’s so hard to find a lap pool. There is actually one near our … Read more Take A Step To A Healthier Life!

My Manila Hotel Tour: The Champagne Room

The first stop of our My Manila Hotel Tour is the very elegant Manila Hotel Champagne Room. It is one of the two bullet-proof halls in the hotel; the other one being the Roma Salon. It actually wasn’t bullet-proof before. However, with the coup attempts, the hall was made bullet-proof to protect the guests, most … Read more My Manila Hotel Tour: The Champagne Room

Hair Care by Cynos Philippines

When people see me, the first thing they always notice is my long, fiery red hair. Then, they ask about what hair dye I used to reach that color and what products I apply to keep it manageable even when I’m outdoors. I first had my hair colored red three months ago by the wonderful … Read more Hair Care by Cynos Philippines